About Yorgen

PeakaBooThe projects produced by Yorgen are special and unique and capitalize on years of experience. These projects strive to be the best of quality in concept, design, and construction through the collaborative engagement of craftspeople who are as proficient in their field as they can be. Through utilizing materials and techniques which pull from historic tradition as well as contemporary methods and machinery, I strive to be as cutting edge as possible.


Mission Statement:

Over the past two years, I, Yorgen, have been building up a new and improved studio space close to the village of Mendocino which has ample space to pull together larger assemblies, as well as cross media artwork. My goal is to be unhindered by lack of knowledge or tooling through my association with fellow artisans and their skills, although I also have quite a bit to offer in-house. Here at the studio, I can machine anything three dimensionally up to four feet wide and indefinite length with my Laguna Tools CNC Router. This machine opens the doorway to three dimensional creations of any scale through the use of computer modeling software. I am fully tooled up to work with all common metals, as well as melt thick kiln cast glass and ceramic firing very soon. My history with and love of the fire arts will soon be more prevalent in the studio. For the last number of years I have relied on outsourcing of this tooling so I am really looking forward to more fire arts right here at the studio. As a general contractor, I am capable of installing any project on site as well. I am greatly looking forward to the upcoming projects and encourage people to cut loose with life and make way for great things to happen!